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Our Story

A Blanket & A Pillow is a direct translation from Thai idiom talking about Chinese who relocated to Thailand to start a new life having only just a blanket and a pillow, that with positive mindset and patience you can be successful having only a little in the beginning. It also implies the relaxing atmosphere our cafe represents. Fun fact: we actually have blankets and pillows offered to customers for comfort and afternoon nap 😉

Boonyawong family opened A Blanket & A Pillow back in December 2020 but it is growing with the support from our customers and our community. Started small, slowly adding new menus, areas and events. Together with our customers (who became our friends) and our community we grow stronger everyday with smiles on our faces



Who is in for a night under the stars and a morning waking up to the sound of the ocean? We offer 3 ocean view platforms, limited to 6 tents. Contact us on FB or Instagram for booking! 


Located at the entrance of A Blanket & A Pillow in Kata, 10 steps away from the ocean view and chilling platforms. 5 mins ride on the scooter to Kata or Karon beach. The guests are welcome to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the café during the day and peaceful and private at night


Located on the back road of Kata, less than 5 mins walk to Makro supermarket, gas station, local restaurants and post office. 10 mins walk to Kata beach. Convenient location yet private inside the property gate. Contact us on FB or Instagram for more information



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